Who is Universal Grading Services?

Universal Grading Services is a dedicated team offering an independent gradingservice. For a reliable, objective and high-quality assessment of collectors cards.
This is done with extremely strict grade processes and advanced technology under the watchful eye of a team of experts.

Our mission

At Universal Grading Services we strive for a fast service for grading cards. Towards customer-friendliness for and towards all of our customers. And to the quality of our work, the appearance of our labels and the final result of the graded card(s). UGS consists of a driven and dynamic team that originated from enthusiasts who have a heart and passion for collecting cards. In this way, our professionals can answer all of your questions with all their knowledge and enthusiasm.

Our motto therefore is:
-By collectors, for collectors-

We are hoping to be able to show you that with our service, our quality and our passion for the hobby, grading can not only be easy, but above all fun! Our highest priority therefore lies in the quick return of your graded cards. In addition, with Universal Grading Services you choose for quality. And that makes charting degrees a piece of cake.

Our values

Universal Grading Services was created by collectors, for collectors. By people with the same love and passion as all of you. Partly because of this, our team of experts knows better than anyone how important the value can be for your cards. Both sentimental, special and valuable.

To honor the craft of the degree, we will make sure to take a good look at your cards. In addition, they receive the love and care you can expect from us. The same love and passion that we as a company share with you as customers, ensures that the customers of Universal Grading Services are the starting point.

UGS gives its customers




High quality service


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