How does it work?

Universal Grading Services has assembled a dedicated team that is ready to help you grade your cards. We stand for excellent service, strong quality and a quick return of your cards.

How to deliver your card(s)

When you’ve placed a order you’ve got 2 options to send your cards to us. You can send your card(s) to us, or you can deliver your card(s) to us in person. Make sure you first make a appointment for that!

We’re advising you at all times to protect your cards in a sleeve and a toploader or card saver for the best protection. In this way you will know for sure your card(s) will arrive to us unharmed. You can use a Track&Trace code on your shipment, in that way you will know when your card(s) arrive safely to us.

In case you have expensive or valuable cards you want to send us, make sure it’s a insured shipment. Or you can make a appointment with us to deliver your card(s) to us at the office.

It is at all times the responsibility of the customer that the card(s) will arrive in good condition to us. When the shipment has arrived at our office, we will confirm that with you through WhatsApp. Universal Grading Services is not responsible for theft or missing items during the shipping process.

When the grading process with your card(s) is finished, we will ship them back to you with the option you’ve chosen. We well provide you with a Track&Trace code through WhatsApp so you can follow your shipment all the way. We make sure your card(s) are packed safe and protected to prevent the card(s) from any damage.

Grade schaal

Grading Process

Your cards are assessed and studied with the utmost precision and care. Our experts do this separately from each other to guarantee the objectivity of the degrees. When your cards arrive at UGS, your cards are checked for card authenticity and card condition.


After grading your card(s), you will receive a global grade. This grade is substantiated by several subgrades. Subgrades are the corners, the edges, the centering and the surface of the card.

1. Centering
With the centering we take a look at how your card is printed and centered. To be able to measure this precisely, a globally recognized measuring tool is used. This criterion has no influence on the condition rating.
2. Corners
This involves looking at all 4 corners of your card. Both the front and the back are closely examined and assessed.

3. Surface
This means literally looking at the surface of your card. We will look at any damage, dents, folds or whitening on your card. This involves looking at both the front and the back of your card.

4. Edges
With the edges we really take a good look at the edges and sides of your card. As seen with the previous steps, the attention goes out to damage, dents, folds and whitening on your card.

Did your card get a Universal 10? Then you will get a special holographic label. In addition Universal Grading Services will include your card in their own Hall of Fame.


Hall of fame

Quality and Protection

The cases we use at Universal Grading Services are made of high quality acrylic. In addition, a unique method is used that we seal the cases. In this way your card is protected at its best against dirt, water and damage.

Acrylic does not only has a more luxurious look than plastic, but acrylic is also made of a much stronger material. In this way your cards have the best and strongest protection against any damage over the years.

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